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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 27, 2012 11:30pm-11:45pm EDT

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infante set up, nothing nothing-2. the next. wouldn't go after it. >> tim: if there was ever a chance to dive across that plate and hit a ball to right-field, now is the time for infante. forget about anything inside. it's not going to happen. he knows that. >> joe: omar with two strikes. >> joe: breaking ball is fouled. left side. that ball will get out of play. >> tim: blanco thinks he can catch anything.
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especially ball -- even bae stands. >> joe: he is so fast. >> tim: he really is. >> joe: he gets to everything. that one was five rows out of his reach. >> joe: the tigers were shut out in game two. they have been shut out so far tonight. even five hits. the 1-2. fouled back. up a little bit. buster posey is going to go out and talk to romo. >> tim: the last two sliders were hittable. he just has such good control against right-handed batters. that slider is going away, away, away. it seems never to end. boomeranging outside,
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almost. >> joe: infante set up with the ball and two strikes. two hits tonight. the only tigers with more than one hit. that ends it! giants take a three games to nothing lead. and brilliant pitching again here tonight. by san francisco. vogelsong, lincecum, romo. >> tim: it bears repeating, joe, the detroit tigers were shut out twice this year during the regular season. 162 games. they have been shut out two games in a row. both #-nothing losses in the world series. unbelievable. >> joe: in the national league you have to go back to the 1919 reds who did it to the white sox.
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the white sox scandal in the world series. back-to-back shutout. last time in world series play. 1966 orioles over the dodger dodgers. bruce bochy has to be elated with the job his club has done. they got a big swing of the bat tonight from gregor blanco. and they rode the right arms of vogelsong, lincecum and romo to a 3-nothing series lead. here is how it ended. as posey hung on. a foul tip, strike-out and romo got his second save of this world series. the giants celebrate their one win away. from their second world championship. in their last three years and their second since moving to san francisco. back in '58. go down to chris myers. >> chris: joe, i'm with
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ryan vogelsong. another huge pitching performance from you and the giants. your secret in the post season, ryan? almost unhittable. >> player: i'm blessed. it really am. i'm blessed. i felt like we had a good game plan coming in. i tried to execute as many pitches as i could. i don't really know what else to tell you other than that. the balls i hit were at people. we played great defense again like all series and the post season. an i'm just blessed. >> chris: you had inning ending double play in first and third and the bases loaded situation in the fifth. how did you get through that? >> player: just made pitches. yeah, just, i knew my stuff was pretty good. i felt like it might have been better two games against st. louis. but i continue to try to make pitches. hit off the glove. did a great job. he caught a good game all the time. we're on the same page all night. >> chris: joe and tim chronicled your journey through baseball at age 35 to be standing out on this mound. and pitching in a game like
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this and to come through. it those be special emotionally for you. >> player: it was special before the night even started. being able to pitch a game in the world series is something, you know, two years ago before this started i never thought was going to happen. i was really, really pumped up to be out here tonight. it feels really good to finally be in a world series. and, you know, it's not over yet. we have to win one more. >> chris: matt cain will be pitching. what will you do tomorrow? >> player: we'll sit down tonight or tomorrow and we feed off each other. do what i can to give him an idea how i attack guys. i expect cain to come out and throw well. he's been throwing the ball great all season. he is our number one. look for him to have a good game. >> chris: congratulations. i know your wife will tweet about this. >> player: h so. >> chris: back up to joe and tim. >> joe: he says i'll do the best i can. he has been doing his best all post season long. plenty good enough! vogelsong is now 3-0 this
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post season. 1-0 this world series. 2-nothing win. for the second game in a row. the giants are up 3 games to nothing. one win away from a world series. take a break. come back and hear from matt and the guys after this.
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we'll have updates on watches and advisories for our area coming up. join us after the game. >> joe: the giants' pitching and defense this post season has been brilliant and again tonight as ryan vogelsong gets the win. anibal sanchez, the loss.
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the save for romo. giants lead this world series three games to nothing. cain and scherzer tomorrow night. but to wrap-up tonight send it out to right center. here is matt and the guys. >> matt: joe, thanks. seven times in the course of the regular season the detroit tigers wrapped up winning streaks of at least four in a row. anything short of that in the next few nights and the san francisco giants will have won their second world series title in the last three year years. with a.j. pierzynski, eric karros, harold reynolds, matt vasgersian. yes, the giants pitching has been dominant in the series. harold, it wasn't as though that the tigers were without their chances. the double play ball which was a problem for them all year bit them again tonight. >> harold: it did. the first inning. also the big inning in the third and the fifth. let's look at it. they did have their chances. the big thing here, as we go back to look at it. quintin berry is a guy hitting. he has only hit in three double plays prior to this here. fourth on the season. you think does he move over? no way they'll double him up.
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cabrera ahead and prince in the order. that was the biggest ball of the night. they had another opportunity and end up having cabrera up with two outs and the bases loaded. great pitching by vogelsong. popped up. to end that threat. in a 2-nothing game, hey, there are a lot more opportunities but those are the two big ones that stood out to me. >> eric: they do. you mentioned the first inning. for me, that was the biggest one because you have prince fielder at the plate. runners on first and second. the tiger players and the fans are looking for something. what does he do? hits in a double play. this team is prince fielder and miguel cabrera. it's not, you know, quintin berry. >> a.j.: i hate to pile on quintin berry but there two other huge at-bats for quintin berry. the one before cabrera popped up. struck out with bases loaded one out. second inning struck out off lincecum so that meant cabrera and fielder come up with nobody on base in eighth. had a bad night. it stinks but you have to get them tomorrow. >> matt: on the other side, the giants are red hot. they have won six straight
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post season games. playing spalding guide book baseball brilliantly here. pitching and defense. ken rosenthal standing by with a pair of their game three heroes. >> ken: they're going, the rbi triple in the second. big catch in the ninth. which did you like better? >> player: the rbi for sure. it's important. we are playing great defense. we have to keep playing. every single one in the field. trying to make a play. >> ken: you bat in the second, runner on second. one out. what was your approach against sanchez? >> player: he is a great pitcher. he got great pitches. he has great velocity. i just try to put the ball in play. the weather helped me a little bit. i think for the pitchers tonight to throw the ball, it was really hard. and he hand me that curv
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curveball. i did damage with it. >> ken: gregor, thank you. tim, another good outing. how much are you enjoying this role? >> player: we're all enjoying this right now. up 3-nothing in the world series. couldn't be better than that. we have another game to win. so we're looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow. kentucky when bochy said we're not starting you, how did it feel to you? >> player: it didn't feel that confusing at all. i was expecting it. not take it as demotion but a role to do something good for the team. >> ken: ryan tonight, what did you think? >> player: he did a great job all year and outstanding in the playoffs. he has been through so much. and go out here on this stage, do what he has done, i'm proud of the guy. >> ken: thank you. >> player: thank you. >> ken: matt, back to you. >> matt: ken, thanks. we spin it over to game four. 40 years of major league experience here with me and harold from both sides of the angle here, the tigers, the
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giants, how do you move to game four? >> harold: the giants one, do what you're doing. playing great defense and locating. tigers, you to manufacturer and get people moving. you had opportunities to get runners on the bases moving. that hasn't happened with the weather. you are not going to bang and win games in this ballpark. >> eric: you are right on. make something happen. it's tough, though. you are just not doing much against the giant pitching. the reality is, four runs in the last six games against this pitching staff. >> matt: you can talk about a layoff for the tigers, the bottom line i the giants staff is dealing. -and-what are they going to do? they didn't steal a lot of bases in the regular season, the tigers. they are a power hitting team. they need cabrera and fielder to hit home runs and in game four they face the giants best pitcher matt cain who didn't give up a run all last post season. started all-star and perfect game under his belt. good luck, guys. >> matt: a tough matchup for the tigers in game four. let's take a look at it and how it reads on paper. matt cain won the division
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series clincher. he won the nlcs clincher. tomorrow, they will have a chance to become the third pitcher to be on the mound and win all three of the team's clinchers in the same post season. max scherzer has been great in two post season starts. 18th strike-out and era under 1.0. he will pitch for the tigers post season lives tomorrow. final score in game three, giants beat the tigers 2-nothing. san francisco is 27 outs away from a world series title. reminder coming up next except on the west coast, it's your local news and tomorrow get your day started at noon eastern, 9:00 pacific with the n.f.l. on fox pre-game show. followed by double-header action. the redskins bat the steelers and the giants take on the cowboys. or other regional action. following the o.t. we have game four of the world series. 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. right back here in detroit. as mentioned, matt cain on the giants. max scherzer for detroit. for more information on tonight's game an o


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